Her True Colours Calendar 2018

12 amazing women bare their souls in this inspiring limited edition 2018 calendar, raising funds for domestic support services.

Sharing intimate pictures and touching stories in order to empower and inspire women to be proud of who they are <3

Lorraine Brooks | Her True Colours Calendar 2018

Lorraine Brooks (pictured), Mum to Her Business Brew Founder, Serena Fordham, who also features in the calendar, tells us how she doesn’t feel worried about needing a bikini body.

“I chose to stage my photograph in a swimming pool because that’s the place where I have time to think while doing my workout a couple of times a week.

It’s the one place I can be away from my phone and the internet, with no distractions, and have time just for me.

I have loved swimming since I was a youngster, and hope to enjoy it for many more years to come. It keeps me active and makes me feel good about myself, and doesn’t make me worried about what I look like in a bikini anymore!”

As well as Serena and Lorriane, ten other brave women feature their stories and photographs helping to raise funds and awareness for Norwich based charity Leeway who provide domestic abuse support services and to show women they are beautiful just the way they are.

The calendar has been created in association with Inspired Women and the HER Business, Body and Life Conference which we’re holding on International Women’s Day 2018.

We’d love you to buy a copy of the calendar – it makes a great gift too and is just £9 posted. To get yourself a copy simply contact us and we’ll sort you out.

Purchasing or Selling a Property? Beware of Referral Arrangements

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch”

These days there are increasing arrangements between estate agents and the legal profession. But, there really is no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to selling and buying property.

There are dangers with this type of referral arrangement which are not beneficial to the public:

1.  The job of the Lawyer is to protect the interests of their clients and observe client confidentiality. With referral arrangements, one has to be careful that protocol is not disregarded to secure another introduction from the agent.

2.  Take care when signing agency agreements as there is the risk they may contain small print whereby if you do not use the agents recommended Lawyer, that an amount of money is taken off the offer you get for the property you are selling. This happens because the agents lose out on referral fees.  Remember you own the product being sold not the estate agent.

3.  Lawyers fees are competitive therefore when a fee is paid to the estate agent for the referral the work could be carried out by unqualified personnel or within a team meaning the file gets passed around.

4.  Work can be sent to large organisations some of which are not local and there is no element of personal service.  Furthermore,  you do not build up a relationship with your Lawyer and may not ever meet them. Most people prefer to establish a working relationship with their lawyer for the future years to come.

5. You can end up paying much more for the work as the referral fee to the estate agent has to be built in somewhere. Therefore, small print can include  lots of add-ons in addition to the basic fee e.g. further charges for dealing with the mortgage work (which is all part of the purchase process),  further fees for dealing with mortgage redemptions (which is part of a sale process), very enhanced bank charges, file opening fees etc.

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Top tips to working from home successfully

Whether you’re self-employed or trying to get out of the office for a while, working from home can have its benefits. There’s no commute, you’re not restricted to only working ‘office hours’ and it allows you to walk the dog before the afternoon slump sets in, or pick up the kids from school.

But, it’s not without its problems too. From friends and family thinking they can drop in for a cuppa any time, to people asking you to do a multitude of tasks such as waiting in for deliveries or even babysitting! There are a few things you can do to make sure working from home works for you.

We asked the ladies in our Facebook group what their top tips were for working from home successfully, and here’s what they said…

Q. What are your top tips for working from home?
Jenna Rich, Marketing Assistant


To have a separate space which is your ‘work space.’ You know when you’re in there that’s when you work

Kate Tritton, Relationship Manager


Make people aware that even though you may be working from home, you are actually working and not on a day off

Sam James, Life Coach


Set clear time boundaries for when you’re working and when you’re not, so it doesn’t blur into trying to do everything all the times. Setting alarms can be a great way to reinforce the boundaries, I’ve got a ‘time to switch off’ and ‘time to switch to mummy mode’ set on my phone

Julia Duncan, Photographer


Behave as if you’re going to an office. When I was in the corporate world and was a home worker, I dressed smart. Now I’m self-employed, my ‘job’ is more casual but I stopped staying in my PJ’s. I’m often on Skype so always look presentable from the waist up! I’ve learnt it’s important to still have a routine

Got a tip of your own?

Share it in the comments below…