Top tips to working from home successfully

Whether you’re self-employed or trying to get out of the office for a while, working from home can have its benefits. There’s no commute, you’re not restricted to only working ‘office hours’ and it allows you to walk the dog before the afternoon slump sets in, or pick up the kids from school.

But, it’s not without its problems too. From friends and family thinking they can drop in for a cuppa any time, to people asking you to do a multitude of tasks such as waiting in for deliveries or even babysitting! There are a few things you can do to make sure working from home works for you.

We asked the ladies in our Facebook group what their top tips were for working from home successfully, and here’s what they said…

Q. What are your top tips for working from home?
Jenna Rich, Marketing Assistant

To have a separate space which is your ‘work space.’ You know when you’re in there that’s when you work

Kate Tritton, Relationship Manager

Make people aware that even though you may be working from home, you are actually working and not on a day off

Sam James, Life Coach

Set clear time boundaries for when you’re working and when you’re not, so it doesn’t blur into trying to do everything all the times. Setting alarms can be a great way to reinforce the boundaries, I’ve got a ‘time to switch off’ and ‘time to switch to mummy mode’ set on my phone

Julia Duncan, Photographer

Behave as if you’re going to an office. When I was in the corporate world and was a home worker, I dressed smart. Now I’m self-employed, my ‘job’ is more casual but I stopped staying in my PJ’s. I’m often on Skype so always look presentable from the waist up! I’ve learnt it’s important to still have a routine

Got a tip of your own?

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Giving back

Every quarter, Trusted Wills & Probate Ltd will be supporting a local charity, and I’m delighted to announce that our ‘Charity of the Summer’ is Robert Kett Primary School PTA.

On a personal note

I wanted to support Robert Kett Primary School because my children have recently started in Reception class, and they are loving it!  When my twins started at Robert Kett last September I had these wonderful ideas that I would join the PTA and support the school as much as possible – of course, life has gotten in the way, particularly with the growth of Trusted Wills, and sadly I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I would like to supporting my children’s school.

A couple of months ago, I read an article in the school’s newsletter informing parents that there had been vandalism at the school during the weekend, which saddened me as the vandalism did directly affect all of the school children, as well as my twins.  To then read another article couple of weeks later to say that it had happened again annoyed me, and this gave me the kick to approach the school and offer the support of a local business.

Hands up

My support

Whilst I am limited on time (looking after my family and my clients), I have been able to offer Robert Kett Primary School financial support.  I have pledged to the school that for every new appointment made in June, July and August I will donate a minimum of £10 (increased depending on the service) to the PTA.  This is not restricted to those who know about this offer or solely Wymondham – this is for every new client Trusted Wills gains during this period!

What you can do

If you have ‘make a Will’ on your to do list, why not make an appointment today and help a charity in the process?  If you already have your Will and Estate Planning sorted, tell your family and friends who may still need to do theirs.

Professional Solutions

My service

I offer appointments in the comfort of your own home and at a time to suit you, including evenings and weekends.  It is a process that can be dealt with relatively quickly, and it can save you hours of stress trying to figure out what is needed.

Most importantly it will provide you with the peace of mind, knowing that you have a valid Will in place, that won’t fail you or your family during their time of grieving.

To make your appointment, or for an informal chat, please feel free to contact me via email or phone 01953 711 950 / 07972 212 355.

Natalie Chapman

My name is Natalie Chapman – company director of Trusted Wills & Probate Ltd, a wife to Darren and a Mum to our twins.  Read about how Trusted Wills & Probate Ltd was established

I have personally visited each of my clients and enjoyed my time getting to know each of them, listening to their stories and making sure I fully understand their needs.  If you would like to discover what my clients say about us, please feel free to read my client Testimonials.

Her Business Brew hosts its first workshop with success!

Did you know we are now offering workshops to help support women with their businesses? All done in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment.

On Tuesday 6th June 2017, Her Business Brew Founder Serena Fordham and Her Business Brew Coordinator and franchise owner Rebecca Claxton, along with Her Business Brew members, copywriter Kerry Brind, and life coach Sam James, held a day of training for like-minded business women who are in need of extra support and guidance. This was a great success and will continue to be offered in the future.

We missed the memo!…

On arrival refreshments were offered, but we must have missed the memo as our attendees all brought their own specific tea bags. This set the day off relaxed and with light-hearted laughter. We at Her Business Brew are all about being comfortable within the network group.

Kicking off the day..

In the comfort of her new offices on the Scottow Enterprise Park, Rebecca Claxton Founder of Savvy Mums Business and Host of Her Business Brew Cromer, kicked off the day offering her workshop on ‘Getting more done – Your ultimate guide to productivity’

Rebecca spoke about getting to know what time is your best working times, are you an early bird or a night owl? How to start your day right, how to stop procrastinating and many more very helpful insights into how we can be more productive in our day.

Your turn Serena!

Our second speaker was Serena Fordham Founder and CEO of Serena Fordham’s PA Services and Founder of Her Business Brew, and hosts Her Business Brew Norwich. Serena workshop was ‘The importance of face-to-face marketing, and how to pull off a kick-arse event!’

Serena’s workshop was designed to show that holding an event to celebrate or market our business was not so daunting after all! There were some useful techniques and tips offered that gave a practical plan into what is needed to hold an event and to publicise it afterwards.

Refreshed and re-fuelled after lunch…

After stopping to re-fuel, the wonderful Copywriter, Content Marketing Coach & SEO Stylist Kerry Brind from Write to Win Business, took a stand to deliver a fully packed and energetic workshop on ‘How to use your blog to grow your email list’

There was a huge amount of information offered for our workshop attendees, lots of questions being asked and notes being taken. Kerry knows her stuff and gave great insight into how others can follow her lead and with the amazing tips she offered I’m sure our attendees will soon have a growing mail list!

Rounding up the day…

To end the day, we had the lovely Sam James of Sam James Coaching. A down-to-earth life coach with a great insight into where we go wrong with juggling our personal and work lives. Her workshop was ‘Effective strategies, you can use again and again, to get the best mix of things in your life (and all the hats you wear!)’

She had the attendees thinking about their emotional awareness and where they are giving most of their energy during their day. Tips for freeing the mind of work baggage to be present in our personal lives.

Lots of food for thought from this workshop to go home and mull over, a superb way to end the day.

Feedback and what people thought

At the end of the workshop everyone shared what they’d got from the day…

“I learnt some great productivity tips, planned a celebration event that now feels achievable, list of things to action on my blogs!”

“Today has made me look at looking after me better, so I can work better. Also I got lots of ideas for blogging”

“I learned that it’s ok to be off balance for a while, but need to top up the tank!”

“Had fun and learned how to better look after myself”

“How to get more done, method for organising a great event, amazing tips to make the most of our blog, and it’s ok to look after me! Enjoyable day learning!!”

“How to look after myself better, and how to make my new whizzy website and blogs work for me! 🙂 Thank you so much!!!”

Want to get involved next time?

Feeling tempted to join us at the next workshop or at one of our Her Business Brew networking meetings?

This first workshop has proven there is a need for this type of relaxed, informative and supportive training so we will deliver!

There will be another workshop in the Autumn – If you are interested in attending, please get in touch.

You can also join us in our private Facebook group  to see what we and our members are getting up to!