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Glow Virtual Assistants
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Are you a busy Entrepreneur or Business Owner?
Do you want more from your business?
Do you want to free up your time to focus on driving your business forward?

Yes? We can help!

We’re a forward-thinking agency of skilled and qualified Virtual Assistants, specialising in supporting entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed, grow and shine!

⇨ We offer a range of services and tailor packages to suit the needs of you and your business.

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Serena Fordham
Stower Grange, Norwich (Host)
Melanie Knights
4 Priory Close
Norwich NR9 3HZ

I am Lifestyle & Business Coach, I work with busy and ambitious female entrepreneurs who want “balance” so that they can feel empowered as a business owner, and still experience the love of their family and friends.

As a wife, mother and business owner I discovered that there was a need to bridge the gap between “HOW to…” and “WHAT does this actually look like in my life/schedule”

I empower and enable women to bridge that gap.

Running your own business still challenges the status quo, BUT that’s no reason to give up on your dreams. It is possible to play all the roles in your life, and create the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

My coaching includes:

– Time Consciousness

I help my clients get their priorities straight, so that they can focus on their BIG goals for business and life. We also work on batching tasks like social media, emails and blogs effectively so that you can focus on the list of ideas and projects only you can create. No time for social media, more clients or yourself? I’ll help you create more time in your life for what matters to you.

– Business Vision and Solutions

Your business needs a vision, because people don’t buy your ‘what’ they buy your ‘WHY’. You probably think about the reason why you have your own business on a daily basis, the love and passion is REAL. Are you sharing this with your ideal clients? Do you use your reason why effectively in your business goals to create the future you desire?

Together we create a vision for your business, to help you set goals and bust through them with abundance.

I believe in solutions over strategy in business, I will help you create personalised solutions which work for you and your business. They create freedom and flexibility, so you are no longer feeling overwhelmed or disempowered.

– Lifestyle & Business Integration

What do you want your life to look like? Imagine your ideal day – what are you doing and HOW have you created this abundance?

Your business and lifestyle are not mutually exclusive, in fact in my experience the most successful business owners feel great so that they can do great things and make the positive impact they desire.

I help you integrate your business into your lifestyle, so that you feel in control instead of your business controlling your lifestyle.

– Female Empowerment

You have a voice and it needs to be heard. My goal is for every woman I meet to leave feeling empowered in her business, lifestyle and choices – she has a place to be heard whether she is feeling successful or struggling.

I help you to utilise your feminine and masculine energies in your business, because they both serve a purpose and too much of either can prevent you from truly achieving the success you desire on a deeper level.


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Pink Spaghetti
40 Mulberry Court
Taverham NR8 6YJ

Virtual PA Service

Are you looking for a flexible, efficient personal assistant in the Norwich area? A local virtual assistant with the skills and experience to help you be more organised and efficient in your small business or at home?

I take care of those jobs you just do not have time for, leaving you time to do the things for your business that you enjoy! No minimum hours or contracts.

Below are some details of a few of the services that I specialise in.:

Administrative Assistant – From data entry to building a spreadsheet, I take on the repetitive tasks leaving you time to focus on your business.
Social Media – From branding your accounts, to taking over the posting and interaction every month, I have a range of packages for small businesses.
Organisation – From your home office to your computer files, I can organise your life.

0333 355 0982
Pippa Shaw
Stower Grange, Norwich
Write to Win Business
Hickling, Norfolk. NR12 0YJ

Are you on the hunt for web content that converts, lead magnets that grow your list, blog posts that boost your business and social media posts that get noticed in a crowded timeline?

Need an experienced copywriter to help you figure out what the bloody hell SEO is all about and to how use it to get Google to fall in love with your website? Or better yet, do it for you?

Want to put together an awesome content marketing strategy for your business – or simply your next launch but feel stuck on where to start, what to write about and how to put it all together?

Whether you’re looking to outsource or simply want to learn how to DIY with confidence and style, I’d love to help.

I’m Kerry, I’m renowned for my marvellous tea making skills, the phrase “excellent!” and my fabulous taste in welly boots. I obsess about copy, I geek out over Google, I crush my clients content marketing problems… I eat too much cake.

I’m an award-winning SEO copywriter and content marketing strategist . I work with my clients to harness the power of great copy and content marketing to get more eyes on their business and more sales in the bag.

My writing and editing services are designed to strip away the rubbish that’s holding you back, clear away the content clutter and pull out what makes you and your business super-duper special.

Most of all I love helping my clients make a massive impact with their business and turn their dreams into runaway success stories.
Kerry Brind
Norwich and Cromer