Painting Your Positive Picture

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We can send mixed messages out into the world about who we are and what we want, and this can mean we don’t get to create the life we really want for ourselves.

For clients who struggle with this aspect I get them to spend some time creating their ‘life map’, you may also hear it called treasure mapping or vision boarding.
Painting your positive picture can be a great way of focusing on what it is you really want and is the time to look back at your list you created about where you want to direct your energy.
What we look for is what we create for ourselves, so now is the time to send out the right messages to the universe and create the life you truly want for yourself…

Take a large piece of card, use a scrapbook, notice board, or even use a page or two from your new development book.

Start by finding a picture of yourself that you like and stick this picture in the middle of your page.

Around your image start to build up your picture, who you are, what you like, what you want. You can write words, cut out pictures from magazines, this is your life map so be creative, do whatever you want!

For mine I put words that connect with my life; positive wellbeing, health, love, friendships etc., I then have pictures of things that I connect with like the sea, candlelight etc. I then have pictures of things I’d like to experience, like a picture of the northern lights, the Taj Mahal.

You could even separate the activity into two;
One called ‘this is me’, again with the picture and add words and pictures to represent who you are. This can be a useful exercise for people who have lost a sense of who they are…

Painting your positive picture.

For the second board, ‘your vision board’, again put your picture and then surround yourself with words and pictures of the life you want to create for yourself.

Take time to do this activity and add new things over time. It’s interesting as you do this activity as you can see your priorities change.

You can either keep your boards private if you do make sure you look at them often or put them up so you can see them every day!

This is a really positive exercise and worth taking the time out to do!

If you would like some help with creating your vision for 2018 then contact me to find out how we could work together to make your dreams a reality.

Going on Holiday: Be prepared!

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We all need a nice holiday – but how do you prepare for yours?

If you’re not prepared, pre-holiday stress can make you forget even the most obvious and important items.

So, to help you if you’re off on holiday soon, we’ve put together a checklist to make sure you’ve got everything covered. Then all you need to worry about is whether to hit the beach or the sights when you arrive:

  • Dig out your passport and make sure it’s still in date – it might sound simple but there is nothing that dampens your pre-holiday excitement quite like the realisation that you can’t find your passport or that it’s out of date.
  • Check you have the essential documents for your trip – whether this is entry visas or your driving licence, your boarding pass or hotel confirmation, get organised and put them all together in a plastic folder.
  • If you’re flying, make sure you know your luggage allowances – over-packing and being stuck at the check-in desk with luggage that’s too heavy can really start your holiday off on the wrong foot.
  • Take out travel insurance and get an EHIC if you are going to Europe – making sure you have an in-date European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will ensure that if you were to get ill while you were away, you would be entitled to either free or subsidised health care.
  • Make your home secure – nothing will snap you out of your post-holiday high like coming home to discover you’ve been broken into.
  • Check your route and pre-book a parking space if your going to the airport – before you set off and while you are driving, listen to the radio for traffic alerts. Make sure you have planned your route and allow extra time in case of problems.
  • Sort out your travel money – leaving your travel money to the last minute is another mistake which could cost you.
  • Pre-book your car hire – if you are planning on hiring a car when you go on holiday, pre-booking is the key to save money.
  • Sort out pet care – don’t forget to organise care for the furry member of your family while you are away.
  • Tell your bank before you go abroad – it’s important that you contact your bank to let them know that you are going abroad and that you may want to use your debit or credit card while you are away.

And not forgetting, prepare to relax and enjoy yourself!

Something else to remember, although it may sound daft, but you should ensure that your Will is up to date – or if you haven’t got a Will, get one!

Consider this, what if something happens to you whilst you are away, you’d want to know you’re your affairs were in order , wouldn’t you?

What happens to your house, your money, your belongings, and most importantly, what would happen to your children? If you don’t have a valid Will, the rules of intestacy would decide what happens to your estate and children.

And don’t forget, it could take a while to update or write your Will, making sure it’s just as you want it. So, don’t leave until the last minute.

Are you unsure about making your own Will?  Would you like some professional advice?

If you are putting off writing your Will because you are unsure of how to go about it or can’t decide on the fine detail, then there is no need to worry.  To provide you with peace of mind, you can discuss your situation and concerns with Trusted Law.

We will work with you to agree what is best for you both and your family.  Everything we discuss will always be private and confidential, and you will never feel rushed or pressured.

Trusted Law offers convenient appointments in the comfort of your own home – including evenings and weekends!  So it couldn’t be easier…..

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Her Business Brew, a busy year so far

Women’s networking and support group Her Business Brew had a successful inaugural conference to mark International Women’s Day.

Held at Epic Studios in Norwich, the Her Conference attracted women from all backgrounds, especially businesswomen and those interested in finding out more about networking or starting their own business.

Organiser Serena Fordham, who is behind Her Business Brew, said: “The HER Conference 2018 aimed to bring together women from different groups, businesses, backgrounds and locations across Norfolk and surrounding areas, and I feel we wholeheartedly achieved this.”

“The day showcased inspiring speakers, connected female entrepreneurs, provided educational and empowering masterclasses, as well as raised awareness and funds for women-focused charities.”

Her Business Brew members voted for Leeway as the charity of the year, and an optional donation can be made at each meeting, which are held monthly in four locations in north, south, east and central Norfolk.

Leeway has six safe houses and provides advice, support and information to any adult or child experiencing domestic abuse in Norfolk and Waveney. It was established in 1974 with the help of a £200 start-up grant from Norwich City Council. Over the past four decades, the charity has grown considerably.

Mandy Proctor, Chief Executive of Leeway, said: “We are delighted to be chosen as Her Business Brew’s charity of the year. I would like to thank them for supporting Leeway and showing a commitment to ending domestic abuse. The money that they raise will enable us to continue to provide a high-quality service to those experiencing domestic abuse and help Leeway to continue to raise awareness of domestic abuse within the local community.”

Serena added: “I am proud that myself and the Her Business Brew Team brought everything together to celebrate International Women’s Day with so many incredible local women. The event, which was sponsored by Trusted Law and East of England Co-op, was also in memory of my friend, Sarah Ellis, who left this world too early last year, and my main emotion when I opened the event to see so many faces smiling back at me, was sheer fulfilment of feeling Sarah’s legacy would live on through this event each year.”

Speakers at the conference included Mumbelievable blogger Ursula Taverner, Britannia café founder Davina Turner and Rachel Welch, who has been involved in a project helping Ugandan women with sanitary wear.

This year has also seen the launch of For HER, a new women’s Business, Body and Life Online Chat Show.

Serena said: “For HER is an online group focused around issues affecting women, in business, body and life, and is the home of the bi-weekly online chat show, where women discuss their viewpoints and opinions on women-related topics.”

“The group and chat show intend to raise and expose an array of issues affecting women in all aspects of their life, as well as to raise awareness of charities and social enterprise projects that can help and support women.”

“The idea of the For HER community is to keep the conversations from the chat show going, so that if women are struggling to keep going right now, they have the assurance that they are not alone.”

She has now also launched the For HER Revolution, a members’ subscription package, which offers lots of benefits to any women, on all aspects of business, body and life.

She said: “This project will help to fund the charitable projects, and hopefully later be able to provide grants to women entrepreneurs and social enterprises that aim to also help other women.”

A Her Fitness Fundraiser will be held on Saturday, May 19, 10am-3.30pm to raise more funds for Leeway, to help them to carry on supporting women and children experiencing domestic abuse.

For more information email Serena and the Her Business Brew Team via, You can also find Her Business Brew on Facebook or via its website

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