Me time – are you making it a priority?

Me Time - are you making it a priority?

Some of us are crazy enough to run a small business! Don’t get me wrong, self-employment is a great way to work flexibly around our families, but it can also mean business is on your mind 24/7 even when you’re not working – or if you’re anything like me, especially when you’re not working!!

Being stressed, feeling overwhelmed, and neglecting your own self-care does not make for the happiest and healthiest of business women (and mothers if you have children). So this ‘me time’ thing isn’t some sort of selfish luxury – it’s essential to take some time out and enjoy yourself so that you’re functioning at your best.

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A happy and relaxed you is good for your health and wellbeing, plus your productivity, creativity and your business on the whole.

We all know a good night’s sleep (Ok, forget this for a couple of years if you’ve got a little one!), regular exercise, and healthy nutritious foods are recommended for our wellbeing– but what else can we do to relax?

Here are my personal top ten tips to get some quality me time:


It’s really relaxing, gives you time to think, you can do it alone or with a friend, and it’s exercise (bonus!)


Whatever sort of books you like, make an effort to read more. If you need a bit of encouragement join a book club (I’m in one on Facebook where we read a personal development book every month). Then just sit and enjoy

Make something

It will get you focused and having something at the end will give you a sense of achievement. If you’re as uncreative as me head over to Pinterest for a million and one ideas

Walk by water

Whether it’s the sea, a river, a lake, or even a duck pond there’s just something calming about taking a walk or sitting by some water

Explore nature

One of my favourite things to do is walk through the woods. I used to hang out in woods as a child and still love doing it now

Get out and have fun

When went to Norwich Playhouse with a friend to watch comedian Andy Parsons, my jaw ached for 2 days from smiling and laughing so much! Find ways to get out with your friends/family and have a laugh

Catch up with someone

Why not catch up with a friend, old colleague or a business acquaintance over coffee or lunch. You never know what might come from your conversations

Take a bath alone

Pencil in a date with you and a warm bath one evening – just make sure you don’t doze off in the bath! Add candles for a touch of luxury

Paint your nails

Seriously this can be so therapeutic if you make some time to sit down and paint your own nails. Just choose a time when you’ll be totally uninterrupted by children, partners, or animals

Sit down and do nothing

Yep easier said than done when there are pots to be washed, clothes to be ironed, social media posts to be scheduled, customers to email back. But just take 5 minutes to sit there, relax and think of absolutely nothing

How do you like to relax? Let me know in the comments below…

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Me time – are you making it a priority?

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Author: Rebecca Claxton

Rebecca Claxton is an experienced business mentor and adviser who provides affordable advice and online training to self-employed women across the UK helping them build amazing businesses. After an impressive 10 years with Citizens Advice, she's now the Founder of Savvy Mums Business, Business Mentor with The Prince's Trust, host of Her Business Brew Cromer in North Norfolk and Operations Manager here at Her Business Brew HQ.

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